Make sure you have your key information to hand


After working through the previous section of the guide on gathering information, you will have compiled a number of images and text ready to copy and paste into place, as you work through this section of the guide. Before you begin, check you have the following:

  • Images for all sections of your website
  • Details for key Churches
  • Details for key Community Groups
  • Details for key workers.
  • Details for key activities.

1. Secure Your Site

To make your site secure, you'll need to add at least one new administrator, and then delete the default administrator. Simply follow the steps below.


2. Add all your web administrators

If you have more than one web user, who will be managing content on your site, add them now.


3. Entering site basics


4. Inputting Locations


5. Inputting Churches & Community Groups

Inputting details for your church or community group and adding images to complete thier home page.

Inputting Group wide roles

6. Who's Who?

Inputting details for members of your core team to appear on the Who's Who home page for your group.

Asigning location only roles

7. Who's Who?

Asigning people who only have roles in a specific location to appear in that locations home page.

Entering Actvities

8. What We Do

Creating pages for Church actvities such as Weddings, Youth and Outreach.

Entering Actvities for Specific Locations

9. What We Do

Creating pages for Specific location actvities such as bell ringing and flower arranging.


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